AFF's Information About Cults and Psychological Manipulation AFF's mission is to study psychological manipulation and cultic groups, to educate the public and professionals, and to assist those who have been adversely affected by a cult experience. They provide an informative and exhaustive Web site about cults, resources to find additional information (both online and in your community), and much more.

Multiple Personality and Dissociation Book list now has been moved (and substantially updated). (March 2001).

DreamLynx Lots of dream resources out there -- this is one of the better ones. Information and resources on dream translation techniques and theoretical orientations

A Guide to Psychology and its Practice Useful information about psychology, manage care, consumer rights and why you might want to go see a psychologist.

Mental Equipment A great column brought to my attention dealing with sports psychology topics. Interesting and fun to read!

Pandora's Box- The Secrecy Child Sexual Abuse -- Nancy Faulkner, Ph.D.

The Sleep Well. Everything you wanted to know about sleep, including disorders, support groups, professional associations, a sleep self-test, calendar of sleep-related workshops and events, and links to related resources.

Therapy FAQ-- Melissa. A page oriented toward offering one piece of information and going into depth on some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about entering psychotherapy, from a patient/client point-of-view. It is precisely because of this point-of-view that I like the page so much and because it really does answer common questions that have often been asked of me as a therapist. If you're thinking of entering into psychotherapy or mental health treatment of any sort (including seeing a psychiatrist), this is definately a page worth reading! Very well implemented and chock full of useful insights into beginning therapy.

Classical Adlerian Psychology and Democracy A growing site on Adlerian Psychology.

American Psychoanalytic Association

FreudNet-- New York Psychoanalytic Institute Everything Freud!

C.G. Jung Index. A great resource index to all things Jung online.

Neurophysiology-- William H. Calvin

Online Psychology Article Listing. A new online searchable database which helps you track down articles in psychology which have been published online. Currently has about 200 entries.

Personality and Consciousness-- Eric Pettifor. An excellent site devoted to discussing the major theorists in personality psychology, including Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, George Kelly, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, B.F. Skinner, and Charles T. Tart. Offers their respective theories and philosophies on doing psychotherapy. Updated regularly and an original design. Looks and works best with frames, but a non-framed version is available, naturally.

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness- PSYCHE's publishers

Psychiatry Star-- Univ. of Michigan. A large psychiatry resource offering information about psychiatry online as well as the field of informatics.

Psychoanalysis. A page full of psychoanalysis-related links and resources.

Psychological Assessment Online. A very nice Web site on all areas of psychological assessment. A password-protected area gives professionals access to in-depth, detailed information about all the major assessment measures, their subscales, and briefer information on their psychometric properties. Well-designed and attractive, the information is up-to-date and relevant to clinicians and researchers.

Psychology of Cyberspace. Two excellent sites by John Suler

Cognitive & General Psychology Research-oriented Resources. To find research-oriented resources in the cognitive or psychological field, make this site one of the first stops in your journey. One of the oldest and largest on-line resources to exist in the professional mental health field, this one has kept up-to-date with the times. It offers extensive and well-documented links to thousands of other on-line resources in academia, discussion lists, organization and conferences, journals and magazines, software and much more. The files here are still large, even when divided into these general categories, so be prepared!

Encyclopedia of Psychology

Internet Mental Health. This has long been one of my favorite comprehensive mental health information sites that has so much information, it really should have a search engine. Composed by a physician in Canada, Phillip Long, it has basic diagnostic criteria for mental health disorders, research references, brochures, articles, as well as some treatment guidelines (some of which I strongly disagree with) and links to many other sites. Suffers from boring graphics and an unoriginal layout, which requires wading through too many sub-menus to get to the really useful information, plus not enough cross-references for laypeople (e.g. - "major depression" = "depression"). In the past, this site has suffered from some serious DNS entry errors, but they now claim to have been resolved.

Psychology Web Archive

Hypnosis.COM...Your 1 Stop for All Your H...


Idea Seminars

Its - Click on If You Dare to Dream, Welco...

Mastery Insight Institute of NLP;

Natural Language Software Registry Homepag...

NLP and Dhe

NLP and Dhe

NLP Frequently Asked Questions with Answer...

NLP Information Center, The

NLP Seminars Group International: NLP Arti...

NLP University

Nlpcenter - New York Training Institute fo...

Robert Dilts NLP Home Page

Blind Dog's Adventures! - - Quentin Grady recently created a website for a variety of items, including a page with some of his wonderful NLP posts. Quentin's a widely-read contributor to the Usenet Newsgroup alt.psychology.nlp. I'm pleased to refer you to his new website! Bookmark it and enrich your mind with some of Quentin's posts & ideas.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Research Data Base - Check out this compilation of articles describing a variety of empirical studies relating to NLP techniques.

Manifest Station - Michal Wallace's varied, fascinating, and ever-changing website. Previously I had called it an "NLP Site" but there's more there than just NLP. Offers some very interesting material. A must-see!

The Space - A terrific Links page for NLP & Hypnosis Info.

Stories and other posts to alt.psychology.nlp

Dr. Charles Brenner's: Beyond the Ego and the Id, Revisited.

The Gnosis Archive is maintained in association with The Gnostic Society.

Lots of depth-psych, literature, spirituality, etc. resources.

The Unconscious

Psychological Types

№ 1 site An Introduction to Jung and Analytical Psychology

Mything Links

Keirsey Temperament

Cognitive Psychology

Modern Psychoanalysis

Center for Adaptive Systems & The Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems

Mind snaps provoke original thought.

Listing of Pages Available. Experimental Psychology

SEBAC Information Server An extensive slide set illustrating science, research, and the experimental analysis of behavior or behavior analysis. It covers basic research on animal learning and animal behavior using the operant conditioning of B.F.Skinner; research methods and research tools; and a scientific paradigm.

Go hunting in cyberspace for nlp sites of interest.

John Gatell MD WebSite on Overall Wellness. Dr.Gatell is a specialist in the area of pain elimination and Ericksonian (covert) Hypnosis.

Merl's World on NLP

Dissociation Ever wondered why you lost some time in your day?

The Magic Stream: Journal of Emotional Wellness A literary publication and public information resource

Normal personality archive. From the Internet newsgroup, alt.psychology.personality

Pursuit of Happiness. An interesting site in the beginning stages devoted to self-development and well-being

Self-Help & Psychology Magazine. Offering traditional magazine-type articles on a broad spectrum of self-help and psychological topics, it is arranged in a reasonable fashion and run by a devoted and dynamic group of individuals. Offerings range from articles on relationships and parenting, to movie and book reviews, to professional articles and more. Does not "publish" on a regular schedule, but adds articles as they become available on an irregular basis. site reported disappeared suggested as an alternative. Mental Health Resources

Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine -- American Self-Help Clearinghouse. A complete book online listing mutual self-help support organizations throughout the world. If you suffer from any mental health or medical disorder, there's likely a support organization for you. An excellent online resource. site reported disappeared suggested as an alternative. Mental Health Resources

Psychological Self-Help. A full 1,000-page book online which covers self-help methods on everything from how to deal with depression and anxiety, to coping better in relationships and families.

Schizophrenia Home Page. Finally, a resource online available for those afflicted with this disorder, including news, helpful information and tips for both those suffering and their loved ones, etc.

Self-Help for Self-Injury. Although I don't usually include lone articles in this list, this one was just too good to pass up. For anyone who has ever physically harmed themselves and for those who love those that do.

Encyclopedia of Psychology

These games come from my love of psychology.

A lot of articles


Ericksonian Therapy

San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group

SOAPBOX How to Help a Losing Team

Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Nicotine Dependence

Practice Guideline For The Treatment Of Patients With Substance Use Disorders Alcohol, Cocaine, Opioids

Coverage of Positive Psychology

Building human strength: psychology’s forgotten mission

Positive social science

Work, love and play

What is the ‘good life’?

Seligman touts the art of arguing with yourself

People need help finding what makes them happy

The battle of creativity: principle versus profits

Teach your children well--and early

Pursuing Happiness With a Positive Outlook, Not a Pill L.A. Times, January 24, 1999

Seligman speaks at the National Press Club September 3, 1998.

Subliminal Influence: sublm01.htm - sublm05.htm

Brenner article abstract.

Electronic Text

Issues: 1992 - 1997

Anarchist Evening Entertainment

Selfhood in the Arts...

Selfhood and the East, near and far...

Selfhood and the esoteric..

Selfhood and spirituality...

Selfhood in American history...

Selfhood in language and literature...

The House of Breathings: A Celebration of Celtic and Contemplative Spirituality

Wellness For Body and Soul -- excellent alternative health/spirituality resources.

Translations of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching

Excerpts from Chuang Tzu

Zen resources on the World Wide Web

"Welcome to Imagination..."

Take the Myers-Briggs personality type test.

Explore your dreams...

Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Selfhood in psychology and psychotherapy.

Selfhood and the workplace...

Psychology WWW Pages Around the World (list maintained by U. of Calif. San Diego)

Social and Organizational Psychological Online Documents

Babines, Kirk (1996, December). A Healthy Route to Fitness via Persuasion [WWW document].

Use of Persuasion for Better Health [WWW document].

Laboratory and Internet Collected Judgments of Female Attractiveness are Similar and Different [WWW document].

Involvement and Persuasion: Evidence for Different Types of Involvement [WWW document]. URL

Stereotypes and stereotyping [WWW document]. URL

Steve's Primer of Practical Persuasion and Influence [WWW document]. URL

Psychological Explanation of Conflicts between Ethnocultural Minorities and Majorities [WWW document]. URL

Psychology Information Resources (York U)

PsychRef: Resources in Psychology on the Internet (LeMoyne College)

Bonn Institute of Psychology

Athabasca University Psychology Resources

Clearinghouse: Subject Specific Resource List in Psychology

Libraries on the Web

Walter W. Stiern Library: Psychology

Social Influence: The Science of Persuasion & ComplianceThe Social Influence Website



NLP Belongs to the people, to the public domain.

Supervised by Stever Robbins. Apart from Merl's world, this is one of the biggest independent NLP sites on the web. It was also the first one, competing with Dale Kirby (see below). It still contains some information you won't find elsewhere.

Dale Kirby's site originally ruled the Internet (as far as NLP is concerned). As the title indicates, it aims at being an FAQ for NLP. Recommended!

Visit the NLP and systems thinking pages from Joseph O'Connor. It includes articles, a modeling project library, resources, glossaries, jokes, metaphors and more.

Honest Abe's NLP Emporium. The site of Andy Bradbury started somewhere in 1997. He is an NLP Author with a good sense of humor who also did a considerable effort to publish a good NLP booklist (not as good as mine, of course)

The NLP Web site for the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health (IASH) is live since September 1997. And I must say it looks great!

This link brings you to the homepage of a nice Dutch NLP site. From that page you can choose to access the Dutch spoken or the English spoken part of the site. The main advantage of this site is that it provides links to a lot of content about NLP (even if it is not on their site). For instance, they "collected" links to articles and book reviews, and put a nice interface in front.

Brian Van der Horst is an International NLP-trainer who has been a director for Repere, a French NLP institute, since 1984. He promised his site would contain a lot of articles!

Robert Link's homepage contains a large section with a manual for a NLP practitioners course given by Adept.

Spiritual Web site where Guhen Kitaok tried an authentic integration of the newest in the West (NLP) and the oldest in the East (the inner science of ancient India like Vedanta), also the homepage of Creativity Enhancement Ltd.

An electronic magazine from Spain, dedicated on NLP with useful information, articles,chat, forum, etc... (also contains an updated list of avaible books in NLP in spanish language with the their original title. The magazine title is "Chasquito" (translation of swicth)

Robert Dilts' personal Web Site. Except for the commercial stuff, Robert is adding a new article and a new pattern to his site each month. His site in becoming quite large and offering a great content.

A promotional web site from Tad James

A page where a lot of books about NLP and hypnosis can be ordered from.

An Austrian NLP server with an inter-active dictionary of NLP terms, linked with descriptions of NLP techniques, and with theoretical articles about NLP (in German), site of Walter Oetsch

From this site you can order NLP books, but it also contains info about events, conferences and some training institutes. It even carriers a few pages of humor. There is also an impressive list of NLP web sites, giving me an excuse not to mention all of them here!

MPD and Dissociation

Depression and Mood Disorders

Memory Techniques and Mnemonics. LINKS FROM THIS PAGE. Memory, Repressed Memory and False Memory



Meditation, Guided Fantasies, and Other Stress Reducers


Environment Behavior Relationships: Attraction

Environment Behavior Relationships: Consciousness

Peta Heskell's NLPlay group is now the largest group in London pulling in around 60 to 170 people per month,

Andrew Peacock has put up a site to collect models of experts elicited with NLP.

SUGGESTED READING Fromm, Erich: Escape From Freedom De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard: The Phenomenon of Man LINKS FROM THIS PAGE !!!

Steve's Primer:A hypertext persuasion book presented in an easy, fun, and popular way. It also features that newest tool in learning, The Brain Master.

Persuasion News:What's going on in Comm 221? Check here for the weekly preview and any other late-breaking stories.

Printable Persuasion and Influence Notes:My teaching notes in printable format for topics from our course.

Publications and Presentations:We actually do our own research here at WVU. Get hypertext versions of published and presented scientific papers on perusasion and influence.

The WWW Virtual Library of: Linguistics

Links & Reviews of Influence-related Materials

Self-help material based largely on Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism

Persuasion. The Art of Rhetoric



NLP IRC Chat Transcripts !!!!


Как обращаться с женщинами

Сайты по NLP и психологии

Содержание семинаров по НЛП

Holly's Domain(our Webmaster!) She is the author of the upcoming, Meditation Sourcebook: Meditation for Mortals. Her site is certainly worth a visit.

The National Guild of Hypnotists This is the web site for the international hypnosis organization.

Stage Hypnotist Monica!If you get a chance - catch her show!

NeuroPsych Research is run by Todd Stark, one of the sharpest, kindest and critical thinking minds I know in the business.

Рус. links

Timeline therapy.

Misc links

A Dublin Web page about therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, and NLP.

For previous articles take a trip into the archives.

Tarazat Institute excellent design, eclectic mixture of material - NLP, astrology, psycho- and hypnotherapy, etc.

Belgium has a NLP server

A copy of Miller's paper "The Magical Number 7, +/- 2"

Essays and Reviews.

Marilyn Atkinson, NLP trainer's University: Erickson College NLP, Vancouver, CANADA

"We offer one of the most exciting & cutting edge web sites for running your own brain and taking charge of your destiny! We invite you to visit Neuro-SemanticsR. Come on in & get ready to get lots of free articles & information about trainings, books and products. Truly, you've got to see this stuff!"

Welcome to 21st Century Renaissance.

Imagineering Strategy, Vision Into Action, Journey to Genius by Robert Dilts.

Exercises with NLP. How to be a Wise Guy. The Eyes Have It.

Dr. Ivan's DEPRESSION CENTRAL Many many links.

Pathological lying

Mental Illness is no myth
My Turn

Newsletter Archives

Articles on NLP

…I received recently, giving a humorous view on mailing lists. If you fancy a laugh, click here to take a look


Dreams and Dreaming

Eating Disorders

Depression and Anxiety

Welcome to HumorMatters

Mental Health/Psychology Jokes

A lot of links.

Welcome to Tor's Dissertation WWW Page.

Memory Techniques and Mnemonics.

Artistic Modes of Persuasion The Art of Rhetoric.

Psychological Issues

Эстрадные гипнотизеры:

Rick Allen
Marie Beach
Ted Benton
Jacob Bimblich
Karen Bolander
Dr. Shaun Brookhouse
Patrick O'Burke http://www.ten-io.tad/ai/harpnet.html
Carl Carpenter
John Cerbone

Cerbone Hypnosis Institute

David Cheeseman
Carl Dominiak
Beverly Doyle
Steven Dykstra
Charles N. Ede
Phillip H. Farber
Helene A. Feldman
Jaime Feldman
Marilyn Gordon
C. Devin Hastings
Kevin Hogan
Moiz Husain
Tom Kujawa
Albert J. Handford
Roy Hunter
Acharya Moiz Hussain
Marcello Jaspan
Richard L. Johnson
Bryan Knight
Sherm Koons
Jeanette Laitner
Arthur A. Leidecker
Gerry McDonough
Mickey Mongan
Paul Mostman
Jane and Philip Mountrose
Timothy L. Newcomer
Dr. Marco Paret
Leonora Javer Pillsbury
John R. Pullum
Marcia Proctor
David Quigley
Dr. Joseph Riccoli
Ed Riley
Dr. John Ryder
Cynthia R. Schmidt
Barry Seedman
Holly C. Sumner
James Szeles
Barry Toomey
Nancy Trogdon
Jerry Valley
Andrea J. Veseth
Tom Vitale
Brenda Wentworth

Finding Your Irresistable Voice. Short (87k) .WAV file demonstrating Jonathan's dual-tone voice!

Inspiritive Free NLP Processes.Inspiritive Free Articles. Inspiritive Free Interviews

ИГИСП - Институт Груповой И Семейной Психотерапии

Magic Of Word: Psychology & NLP (К. Харский)

Stage Hypnotist Monica

The Hypnosis Network



A.D.A.C. Hypnosis

Afton Alps

Subliminal Persuasion

Статьи и ресурсы

Как программируют мозги? Михаил Ваннах

NLP - еще одно программирование Анатолий Левенчук

Вводный курс НЛП тренинга

Потрясающая электронная библиотека !


Сборники текстов, библиотеки, тематические подборки, ДОКУМЕНТЫ. Психология. Медиа, культура, общество. Официоз.

Психология Сборники текстов !

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Психология


НЛП и психология из FIDO


Страница "Magic of Word"

Welcome to Our Home Page Leading Edge Communications Ltd. NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming !!!

Facilitator's Manual (Click here) manual1.htm

'St. Michael's Research Project II' (A study to test the effectiveness of behavioural medicine as a complement to medical intervention in serious illness)

ACT Advanced Communication Training - Steven Leed's site. Interesting articles, now with links.

Leading Edge This must surely be one of the best NLP sites on the Web. Although it is clearly designed to advertise Larry McLauchlin's book Advanced Language Patterns Mastery, this purpose is almost lost in the wealth of material on offer - Links, Exercises, Articles, and that's just for starters. Don't come here until you've got plenty of time to browse

NLP Comprehensive. Now under the leadership of Lara Ewing, the NLP Comprehensive (training company) is one of the best known NLP organisations worldwide. Includes training, products, links, etc.

An assortment of technics for Self Changework.
by Dale Kirby

New models, Paradigms, etc

Mailing Lists

Welcome to The first server of its kind for the purpose of promoting Accelerated Human Change Technologies

In the NLP section

Meditation, Guided Fantasies, and Other Stress Reducers

Stephen Malinowski Site Index

Brian Van der Horst. ESSAYS

Index of /sci-pubs/journals/archive/psyc/

Timeline Distortion

Mental Models

Personal NLP Homepages These are sites about people's personal experiences and thoughts about NLP

Articles Various articles on NLP available on-line

Anthony Robbins and the Quest for Unlimited Power


Joke of the Week 1999

joke2.htm -joke archive

Non Mainstream Psychotherapy and Counselling Resources on the Internet

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Selected Articles

Student Homepages List your homepage with and find other student Homepages.

Эрик Берн

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Ганс Селье От мечты к открытию (780k)

Зигмунд Фрейд О сновидении ( 91k)












The Trance Domain 'Information in every area of basic and applied aspects of trance technology. This is where trance in its broadest aspect is investigated and applied.'

MINDLIST Pattern Cookbook/Archive. NLP Poetry (poetry with embedded commands and hypnotic catch phrases)

Hypnosis Articles of Interest

Abraham MASLOW and Human NEEDS.

Positive Thinking

Репертуарные решетки Келли

Тест "несуществующее животное"

Газета Лидер (психология, персонал)

Вадим Сысуев

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