Pans and ambiguities

Here is some english pans and ambiguities with english comments.

Love goes down and up.("Savage") Phonetic ambiguity (sounds like "end up")
He speak to night. Phonetic ambiguity (tonight, to night)
Foget my tears. Synonymic ambiguity (tear drops, hurt)
When I working like fool, fool of memories Synonymic ambiguity
Love is death ("Savage") Phonetic ambiguity (sounds like love, life, laugh, deaf, death)
forgot Phonetic ambiguity (for god - fogot)
May be for God your job is a sin? Phonetic ambiguity
Rest Phonetic ambiguity
She lived in Irland. Her husband lived... in another island. Phonetic ambiguity (Irland- island)
A lot of people I know believe in positive thinking, and so do I. I believe everything positively stinks. -- Lew Col Phonetic ambiguity
A russian girl is making eyes at me/ I'm sure she is working for the KGB In this paradize are cold as ice. Phonetic ambiguity (called as eyes, called as ice, cold as eyes)
Realize (real ice, eyes) Phonetic ambiguity
I spend all my money in vain (wine) Phonetic ambiguity (vain - wine)
He is cereal killer. Phonetic ambiguity (cereal - serial sounds the same)
And one day we'll be free without this fear. (Pet Shop Boys "Diskoteka") Phonetic ambiguity (this fear - this sphere)
I want you now (Pet Shop Boys & Liza Minelli) Phonetic ambiguity (I want you know)
Sun of a beach. Phonetic ambiguity (Son - sun, seashore - bitch)
Cool Russia Phonetic ambiguity (Cold)
When you're down and out, lift up your voice and shout, "I'M DOWN AND OUT"! Phonetic ambiguity ( Down disease )
Why would anyone want to be called "Later"? Phonetic ambiguity
It is better to live rich than to die rich.-- Samuel Johnson Phonetic ambiguity (live -leave)
"Don't leave us today!" "Don't ask her today" Phonetic ambiguity ("Don't live as to die!")
Let lady Di today not to leave.

Phonetic ambiguity. It's an order to kill lady Di

Seventeen, at half past ten All the crowds are surging past/ An electric display. (Pet Shop Boys THE THEATRE) Phonetic ambiguity. (Seventeen-Seven teen, surging past)
Singing like lovers sing Phonetic ambiguity.(Sin- sing)
Pick up a brochure about the sun Learn to ignore what the photographer saw. (Pet Shop Boys LEFT TO MY OWN DEVICES ) Phonetic ambiguity.(Sun-son, to see - saw wood)
Hey, how you whant be called? Ok, you will be cold as Big John? (Sticks with the gang) Phonetic ambiguity.(Cold - called) Stick
While we are taking here each other, in safe pace, meteors bomb the poor moon. Phonetic ambiguity.(here - hear)
Eat, Eat it.

Phonetic ambiguity.(Eat it)

So cold tea.

Phonetic ambiguity.(So called tea)

Miss Fortune

Phonetic ambiguity.(missfortune)

I filled that the field is filled with many Phonetic ambiguity.
I see this sea could see Phonetic ambiguity.
I hear my hair can hair me here and hire me Phonetic ambiguity.
You are now here. Phonetic ambiguity.(here - hear)
You here me here and now. Phonetic ambiguity.(here - hear)
In sum, the theoretical connective tissue of our science is in a formative state of development. Phonetic ambiguity. (in a formative - informative)
Foot-food Phonetic ambiguity.
Icewhite Icewide Phonetic ambiguity.
Exercise = excess + size Phonetic ambiguity.
With candle = with scandle Phonetic ambiguity.
One hundred rubles = one hundred troubles. Phonetic ambiguity.
This one. This is too. Phonetic ambiguity. (This is one. This is two.)
Panda eats shoots and leaves. Phonetic ambiguity. (Panda it's fire at smb. and go away.)
-Do you serve crabs?
-We serve anybody, come in.
Tonight you are so close
So close to me
Tonight you are so closed
So closed to me

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